I caved and called my ex.. Im conflicted about moving on or trying to get him back?

About a week ago my boyfriend dumped me. I was caught off guard completely and didn't contact him. I caved after i saw him like this girls picture on Facebook who is a slut and i know she wants him and he insists they dont have anything going on. Anyway i was like i feel really dumb for calling becauae you aren't with me anymore i just snapped when i saw it.
He said he was glad i called and that he missed me. He said he was scared to call me because of how things ended. He asked me about school and told me about work. I asked him if he wanted to hangout and get dinner tonight and he had plans. He said he would call me in a couple days.
I feel horrible like i pushed him away more. I still want him back.. But i know i need to move on which i have been trying to get him off my mind. I feel like he might have just said he would call me but he actually isn't gonna.. But if he does should i change my mind and say i dont wanna see him... I dont know what to do. Im so depressed


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  • Its over and not repairable


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  • Hey Girl !
    The absolutely same thing happened to me once so I think the best thing for you to do now is not hope too much that you guys are gonna get back like you were before. If he calls soon like in a day or two, consider the dinner, but not after that. He may just be toying with you or why would he have dumped you in the first place? Don't worry coz you'll soon get over him.


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