Was I being too mean?

there's this guy I liked 4 2 years now. We were friends the first year, but I always felt that he treated me just like he would treat any other girl that he would not like. So I kinda wanted to get rid of that feeling that he treats me like any other girl he liked by teasing him. PROBLEM I am horrible at teasing people and it came out strait flat mean. So we stoped talking n we just have these long peroids where we would just stare at each other for like 10 sec for the next 2 weeks.

Then they just get shorter and shorter until we just avoid each other completely. I really (+really * 4x) liked him but I couldnt talk to him cause I was afriad that he would reject me

Then later we had to get together 4 an event n I started talking to him n being nice to him. So after the event I went back to my normal class routine he came inbetween me talking to another guy n asked 4 a pencil n didn't even use it. So I teased him n told him he could of at least done something with it, this time I think I did right. So I teased him 4 the next few days then I went back to not talking to him becuase again I still had that same feeling. Then a couple months later I ask my friend something n he inturupts sarcasticly like he does with every girl he hates and is mean to me... it really hurt, It made me wonder what I did to make him so mad at me cause all the other girls he hates he does that 4 a little bit then goes back to his normal state. But with me he was just cold to me whenever he could be. Was being mean n confusing?


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  • I don't think he wants you to talk to him.


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