If a guy tells you they love you with everything? but doesn't show it?

For example when we first met 5 years ago he would help cook, clean, smile in pictures. In the last year and a half everything has changed. No help what so ever! he always is picking fights and looks like he is dying inside. always looking angry refuses to smile says that's just how he is. When I know its not true ( I have thousands of pictures of us with him smiling). He also currently smiles in pictures with his friends. But yet he says he loves me with all his heart. He has changed so much once his 2 single friends showed up in our area. He spends mornings with his friends and expects me to stop everything i'm doing when he gets home. He always complains when I use my phone or computer for work ( starting my own company from scratch). He moved out the last few days and I have sent a message telling him he can see his daughter (8 months) just let me know and i will set up time for him to spend with her alone. I no longer can read his emotions... please help
For my update... Currently we are living in separate homes. He comes often see his daughter. Although our relationship seems to be so much better. We've talked about a lot of things we come to the conclusion that we do not want to break up but we do need time apart. So far things of been going wonderful. our conversations are exactly how it was when we first met. We enjoy random text messages and calls again like we used to. People seem to just get comfortable and they forget what reall
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Only hate the road when you're missing home
Only know you love her when you let her go


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  • This sometimes happens with long term partners without any reason behind it. It could be a number of things that are causing him to act like this. Whether it be he is too comfortable in the relationship and wants something new OR for your relationship to have that spark that it did in the beginning.
    I have also gained much distance from my ex because of comfortability. It wasn't fun anymore. It lacked everything except love, which was not how it was for the first 3-4 years. It may taken him awhile to pull back into it but as long as you want it to, there are ways to get him back into the "normal" way of things.

    • Thanks for you feed back. I have tried everything and i mean everything. I have always had black hair he wanted me blond. I went blond. after the birth of our daughter I quit my job to be a stay at home mom. I have always provided for my self. When i got a part time job he got mad so i quit. everything he has asked me to do i have done. I have tried the kill him with kindness and not fight back. and that still didn't work. I don't want my daughter to grow up watching this and thinking it's ok, and the way he treats me isn't ok. But I also don't want my Daughter to grow up with out her father in the house. I have asked him to just call or text me if he isn't coming home. And he won't do that. But he would text his friends if plans change or anything. I honestly don't know where i went wrong or what i did to make his this way.

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    • Hmm.. I'm so sorry that you are going through this right now and I wish the best for you and your daughter. Unfortunately sometimes people just need space to regather their thoughts and see where they want their future going.

    • Thanks so much for everyone's input!

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  • If someone cares about you they will show you, not tell you. I dated my ex for less then a year and as much as he told me he loved me his actions didn't show that. I didn't like where the relationship was going, I tried to talk to him about it and he said pretty hurtful things to me. I was done and broke up w/him. He came begging back to me a couple days later, confessing BS feelings to me, but I knew these were all lies. Sadly to say your guy may have just lost interest or he met someone else.

    • Our break up was also telling, he sensed the break up coming, but didn't do anything. He didn't even care when I broke it off, telling me he couldn't hold me. This is a guy who told me he has never felt like this about anyone except me, the woman he wanted to marry.

  • I am sorry that is horrible. Maybe you guys need space and sometime to think things out with ur situation. Actions speak louder then words and if he really does love you that much he will REALIZE

  • Than he need to see a doctor!

  • Yes, some of them, that's for sure...


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