My ex disappeared even when he said he wanted to stay friends?


well I'm really confused aside from being depressed.

So I was with a guy for nearly 2 years, I was the guy's first serious relationship and his family really loved me.

However, 2 months ago we broke up. He said that he wanted to stay friends and he wanted me to keep calling him. He called me for XMas and we talked for a while, he admitted on still having feelings for me and said he really wanted to see me again. He also told me he didn't want a girlfriend anytime soon.

Well last month, he sent me a message and we kept replying. He said he really wanted to see me, and he missed me, he hasn't forgotten about me, and said he wasn't looking for another girlfriend because he said he still has hopes on us getting back together.

Last message I sent to him, I wrote that I was just afraid of getting hurt (but I did want to see him :( though) since then, he didn't reply and haven't heard from him since.

He hasn't logged into his profile and I sent him a letter on the first of Feb and haven't heard from him there either. He kinda just disappeared, and I feel extremely lonely. Gosh, I'm starting to cry now :( well I think his family hates me now because his sister was like my friend even though they live on another country but we would IM each other, Now, even if we are online, she won't talk to me at all.

I have a feeling my ex has a new girlfriend now and that hurts me because he said he still had feelings and wanted to get back together. And he said he wasn't gonna have a girlfriend!

So I don't understand, is it really that easy to just forget about that special person you were in love with? Why did my ex stop talking to me and DISAPPEARED? I feel so lonely/depressed since we broke up, but now I feel he's happy with someone else even though he gave me all these signs that he really still loved me and wanted me again. Why? I need help?! Why would he be all sweet and then just disappear? Tell me...


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  • There's literally no reason at all to think he seeing another girl.

    Sounds like he decided it'd be best to cut you off since by the sounds of it, you not interested in responding to his attempted.

    Cant say anymore since you don't say why/how you broke up, but people usually break up for a unrepairable reason, whether or not that reason is why they break up.


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