Ex pretending to be single to have sex with me?

Just typed his girlfriends name into Facebook and low and behold their they are arms round each other picture posted a few hours ago.

what a low life rat.. would it be wrong to get someone to teach this jackass a lesson?
Its lies from him constantly, why doesn't he not break up with her and find someone else, rather than hurt annoy and piss off those around him?

He said he would have his **** in me eventually and I do want him.. I want him to go die actually and to stop hounding and harassing me on sites I use. It's so bloody childish and pathetic I hate his guts.


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  • He is very cocky and arrogant. I think he feels he can be with his new girlfriend and get the ex. Some guys like to eat their cake and get their ice cream to. True what he is doing is very wrong. He must really miss the sex from you if he is trying very aggressively to hook up with you. Maybe he thought you wouldn't find out about his girlfriend. What he is doing is so wrong.


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