How do you deal with your ex in a new relationship?

Basically, I've found out my ex has a picture of him and a girl together hugging each other but the thing is he was talking to me yesterday So I asked him whose that girl in the picture he wouldn't tell me at first his like its my daughter lool wow then I asked her if that's his girlfriend he's gone ''Yes she's the best girlfriend I've had in my life''. After that comment he said it actually hurt my feelings I just saw the messages and deleted his number whatever I do it still hurts so much. I've been single for like 6 months now and he moved on so quickly

I just need some advice please


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  • Insensitive I tell you. Or he thinks you're over him. Looks like you've still got feelings for him.

    • but his relationship status is single

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    • Yep he's definitely in a relationship

    • Gotta let it go.

  • I did by banging her again ha

    • lool

    • Yea, She kinda told me to not tell his current boyfriend that but I did that too baha. She was kinda psycho anyway and now I wanna banf her again. Thnx OP

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