How do I get over a long term relationship?

We were together almost a year, we broke up due to arguing and stress. We are both taking time off to think about what we want, but I honestly do not have any hope of us getting back together. So what should I do? I am very confused, and upset. It's hard getting over a relationship that lasted so long. I want things to work out but I am not sure how. Please help!


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  • They're not going to. Stay single and lick your wounds till you heal


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  • "Almost a year" isn't very long. You're so young, so a year is only a blip in your life. I know people who have been in a relationship for four years, and broke it off. I was in a relationship for a year and a half, at your age, and we ended it. Shortly after, I started seeing my current boyfriend who I've been dating for three years. Basically, you have much more to look forward to; I would move on.


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