How long did it take for your ex to message you again after a break up?

Me and my ex haven't spoken since after he broke up with me on Sunday last time we spoke was Monday and he told me he wanted to stay friends? But anyway I'm just wondering cuz it's day 4 of no contact today


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  • Both of them were a year after. But you shouldn't expect any messages right away. You broke up. That's emotionally damaging and they need time to feel ready to talk to you.


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  • It's impossible to turn love into friendship. Don't let the past control your feelings, especially after break up... don't wait for something from the past to makes you happy in the present.

    • We didn't love each other anyway

    • whatever was between you, you owe yourself a fresh start... no past no pain... only tomorrow, only future.
      never look back.

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