Why didn't he respond? was I mean?

there was a guy that I had a few dates with. and I thought everything was going fine. then today randomly he told me that we couldn't hang out because he and his ex are trying to work things out.

i responded with "oh. she's a lucky girl. I won't bother you anymore. good luck with everything."

he didn't respond. why? was it mean?


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  • He didn't want to give you false hope. It was easier to say nothing and close the deal than continue the conversation. If he liked you and it doesn't work out you will most likely be the first person he turns to for a new relationship.

    Best wishes


  • Honestly, to me it sounds like he just didn't respond because he had nothing left to say. I mean...he is wanting to get back with his ex and you basically tell him you're okay with that...he got his closure...nothing left to say. But I don't think what you said was mean at all.


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