Girls, Short term relationship. But I fell in love she's cheating and liying. But I can't move on?

She loves the dick she sleeps with my friends and lies to me I know it's not healthy but how do I stop loving this girl?


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  • Break up with her for starters. Try and avoid her, block her number and social media.


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  • and what is exactly that you love about such a person?

    • Her smile. She's the last person I think of before I go to sleep and the first when I wake up. I miss her and want us to be together.

    • well there are tons of girls out there with a lovely smile.. who also don't cheat and don't lie. you really want to be together with someone who's gonna screw you over and over again (if that's what she does, as you say), just for a passing infatuation? good luck with that. if then you want an answer to 'how to stop thinking about her', then focus on yourself more for the time being and forget about dating for a while maybe - man up dude!

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