When is too soon to move on?

my ex just broke up with me recently over some BS stuff and now I think I like this other guy. is it to early to move on. I know my ex still has feelings for me and may not be over the break up like I am.


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  • i think you can move on now. he's the one that decided the break so its expected for you to find someone else. but if you still have any feelings for him as he does to you then you should wait.

    • I went through the same thing a while back..he said he still loves meh..an well of corse I still have feelings for him we dated for a year an 6monthz..even though I still have feelings for him I decided to move on..i met a new guy an I really like him..i decided to give him a chance an well now we have been together for almost 2monthz..i still think of my ex but I'm happy with my new bf..so if you think ur ready move on and if you still got feelinz 4em but not tha same think about it a while more

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  • if ur ready its not too soon


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