What do I do? My ex boyfriend is now ignoring me.

Almost about a month ago my ex boyfriend broke up with me over the phone and dropped communications with me for a week until I called him and asked him if we could work out the possibility of being friends. He accepted and ever since then he was calling me and texting me non-stop it was like as if we never broke up in the first place. He invited me to the movies last weekend and I accepted all went well or so I thought...Ever since last weekend he has been ignoring me he no longer texts or calls me. I called him and texted him a few times but no answer. Since I haven't been getting any responses back from him I have decided to stop contacting him. Right now I'm just confused why my ex would act all friendly towards me and now he's acting like he wants nothing to do with me...


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  • This may be simple:

    1) The only way he knows how to treat you/hang out with you, is being lovey-dovey with you. This is because this is the only way he knows how with respect to you. (I'm guilty of doing this)

    2) He knows it can't work out and he's come to senses knowing that he can't treat you "neutrally"; he can only treat you in one way because he was conditioned to. Knowing this, he doesn't see how this can work out in this particular way. (I don't do this)

    Anyhow, though frustrating as it may be (because you did nothing to deserve his ignorance or at least nothing you've shared with us), he needs distancing time. He's being "girly" in a sense. Fact of the matter is, guys get emotional too! We are human beings and we get tormented by emotions.

    My suggestion: Don't wait for him. If you want to remain available, that your prerogative. However, he's trying to move on. Key word "trying"

    • Thank you so much for your advice .

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