So, my ex and I are talking, but why do I get this DEEP underlying feeling he's lying?

I don't have a problem talking to him. It's been kinda nice, but painfully hard at the same time.

Lately we've been flirting quite a bit. I brought it up to him that I wasn't sure I could be flirty with him for obvious reasons.

After I asked him if he'd been with anyone else since us, he said he hadn't. Although he was honest and said he's horny/wants sex in a purely physical manner, he isn't interested in having any sex for a 'number of reasons'.

He told me he 'doesn't intend to hurt anyone' and that 'flirting was never a problem for us before'.

Anytime I even joke about him being with anyone else, he gets pretty pissy with me and tells me to stop it.

Its not that I mind flirting? But I hate the idea of being a filler girl until he finds someone new. I mean, he is a good guy, and I wouldn't want to think he'd do that to me... but I guess I don't know.

Maybe im paranoid, I donno?


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  • Ask him if he is flirting with you to get to know you more and start over with you, or if it is just because he is bored.

    • Thanks, that would be useful. I have a feeling, it's just because he is bored though somehow.

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