Guys, HELP!!! When I told this guy I'm starting to take it personally, he didn't say anything? Why?

It's because he's always so busy to hang out with me. Why didn't he say don't take it personally?

I also mentioned that I always told him if he didn't want to hang out with me tell me. Why didn't he say I don't like I don't want to stop hanging out with you.
Guys please comment!!!


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  • Woah, woah... take your foot out of your mouth and breathe for a minute.. It's okay.
    Look, goys don't like feel pressure in relationships any more than girls do. And no one likes feeling misunderstood. But here's something to consider, either he's under-reacting or you're overreacting. Either way, there's a miscommunication somewhere. Talk to him and let him know how you feel. Don't worry, you haven't blown it just by hinting to him you want his attention.


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