Boyfriend was unfaithful with me with his landlord?

I just broke up with my boyfriend of almost 4 years. He was having some kinda "flirting, talking and visiting" relationship with his landlord, and lied to me about how close they were with each other. We talked about it several times.. but he just said "no, she is just being friendly. And I can't say no to her.. she is the owner of my apartment".. I even met her and all she did was look at my boyfriend, talk to only him, flirting with him right in front of me while ignoring me and talk over me, giving him advice on "that I was a wrong chose for him"... but my boyfriend didn't seem to see it. And let us not forget that she got a boyfriend (that looks like my ex).

I have had depression in my teen days (suicidal) and I recovered for 5 years ago but sometimes I struggle with accepting myself and low self esteem and he know this and know that I have had a hard year with trusting him (I have had several dreams about him cheating on me for a year *almost every day*) but still he lied to me about their relationship. We are still friends cause I forgave him, but I feel angry today and hurt... How can I feel better about this situation?
This isn't the first time, but I this is the worst one. I couldnt take it anymore cause the last thing I want to do is dug my grave into a dark place because of a boyfriend... not happening.

When I broke up with him he just started to cry his eyes out and didn't understand why.. and just begged me for us to take some years from each other to mature and date again, but right now I am unsure if I even want that.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like he would not be faithful you you in the future, start over with a new guy as hard as that will be

    • yea. you are right, I dont think they slept together or anything like that.. just texted a lot, flirted and saw each other... but yea. I guess that still doesn't make it okay..

What Girls Said 1

  • I think you need to get the toxins out of your life.
    How can you recover from sickness if you are always inhaling those fumes?

    I don't think you should end things on a bad note.
    However, you need to take a time off and dedicate it to yourself.

    The situation will be that much harder to get over, if you have him in your life.
    You have to separate yourself.

    Forgiving someone has to do with establishing inner peace with the situation.
    You understand that they hurt you.
    You understand that it cannot be changed.

    It does not mean that this person gets to stay in your life.
    That is a choice you have to make.
    Quite frankly, I think as of now it is the best choice.

    When you completely heal... then think about having him in your life.
    As of now, treat yourself as priority.
    You deserve it!


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