How to make a player realize he messed up breaking your heart?


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  • You let it go. No changing him.


What Girls Said 2

  • You can express to this guy how much he hurt you.
    But whether he chooses to care or not, lies on these questions:
    -Is he the type to lack empathy?
    -Is he selfish?
    -Is he not caring?
    All of those remain a factor in how he will respond to you and how he chooses to proceed.

    Someone can only "regret" something they feel bad about.
    Telling someone they hurt you, and trying to form a plan to make them realize how badly they messed up... simply will not work.
    Some people choose not to acknowledge their wrong doings.
    By doing so, they remain in-denial of the truth.

    I think you should just carry the pieces that are left and move on with your life.
    The biggest revenge you can get, is making something out of yourself and not looking back.

  • Players don't care. Once you've given them what they wanted (sex) they don't really give a crap of the outcomes. Unless of course you are completely psycho and cut off his balls.


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