HELP!!! Signs your ex is just using you for sex?

Guys comment!!!
Please comment guys!!!


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  • Welll, the fact he's sleeping with you and doesn't want to get back with you is a big enough sign in itself, he wants the sex but not to commit... thats using you

    • But we act like a couple. He talks to me, spends time with me, holds my hand, kisses me, and cuddles with me?

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    • I dont understand, a year and a half or 2 and a half years? Anyway this is where the problem lies, he doesn't want to get married yet, you are worried because of his lack of commitment so put more pressure on which makes him even more distant, it either sounds like he isn't ready to get married or you aren't the one for him. Or possibly both. And you both need to have a serious conversation with him, not here on g@g as we can only give you advice and not sort your problems out for you. Because technically you are broken up, there is nothing to stop him seeing another girl because he is single. If you aren;t going to get back together the logical thing would be to stop seeing him and definitely no sex or cuddles or anything thats likely to make it harder for you to let go. And if you do get back together good luck. Let us know how it goes

    • We'll all the things he wants in life Aline with mine and he's the only one I think about always so I really think maybe we're supposed to be together.
      I don't care about a commitment now I just want to continue to be with him

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  • 1. He's your ex
    2. You're having sex with him and want more.

    • He's compassion with me though

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    • No he tells me that he hasn't seen anyone

    • We'll I just don't want to be direct so how do I say it subtlety?

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  • Does he ask for sex without wanting to spend time with you? If not then he's using you for sex.

    • No he usually spends all night with me cuddling and whatnot

  • So are you broken up or not?

    • Yes we are.
      Why would you think we aren't?

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    • That to me not broken up. You still have feelings for him, you still spend quality and intimate time together. To me you are in some sort of relationship still. He obviously is game too. If he is just after sex, he won't bother with the other stuff. So are you sure you two are broken up?

    • Yes when I did bring it up he reminded me we aren't dating so I just don't bring it up anymore

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