Am I doing the right thing by ignoring him?

For the past 2 months my ex was texting me and calling me more often, and saying he wanted to come see me and that he missed me. Then he became distant out of nowhere and even when I texted him he said he was sick and that was it. a week later I text him he ignores me for 2 days then responds. But he has been treating me different so I backed off and today he text me "you awake" then "are you upset with me" and then three question marks but that was at 9 am and I haven't responded yet. I feel like if I continue to talk to him I will just be prolonging my hurt, because he told me a week ago that "it's not happening" which means we're not getting back together.

Everytime he would text, or called me I was always there for him, but if I ever text him he rarely responds and when he does he seems to not want to talk. Not sure what to do

Also he is the one who ended the relationship 10 months ago and nothing has changed.


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  • My ex was a complete asshole. I blocked his number and everything else that he may be able to use to get in touch with me.


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