Would you cheat if you dated someone famous?

So like say your the cheater kind of guy. But the person you were dating was like Ariana Grande famous. Would you risk cheating on her? Or would you see no reason to cheat?


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  • I wouldn't cheat regardless of whether someone is famous. Being famous doesn't make an individual any more or less of a human being. Someone being famous doesn't mean you shouldn't cheat simply for trying to uphold a reputation. If someone is going to cheat then they're going to do it.

    Either way, you shouldn't cheat regardless of who you're with because it's the wrong thing to do. If you can't control yourself or have doubts, break up with the person or suggest taking a break.


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  • Lol why would you? And be all over the cover of every magazine for it too! You would be an object of hate for that stunt.


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