I need help coping with what to do?

I've reached my breaking point and I've no idea how to cope anymore or what to do next. Earlier this year I met someone who actaully made me happy and enjoy life, we spent a lot of time together and had a lot of fun, I fell in love with her and still am now.

But my friends (former now) turned her against me, telling her things that weren't true and I've now lost the only good thing I've ever had in my life. I tired everything I could to fix things but the damage was already done, and now she looks right through me, lies to me and at work will barley ackowledge me. Most did this because they weren't happy I wasn't always available anymore to do what they wanted, and I've learnt recenlty that one turned her against me to drive me away so he could spend time with her, he doesn't love her he just wants to use her to boost his ego!

Trying to handle all this everyday and seeing them at work as well I decided to leave my job and this town. It hurts to much thinking about it and seeing them everyday. I also figured it is the best thing I can do for her, if my presence is making her feel awkward then leaving was something i had to do, the last good act i can do for her, even if she'll never realise it's all for her.

The outcome now is that in one weeks time I have no job, and will be having to move out of my flat with nowhere lined up to go. I have no idea what to do now, I have enough to jump between for hotels for a few weeks, but I can't thinik straight about anything else. Somehow I'm going to have to live with the pain and anger from this, I've past my breaking point and just can't cope with what's happened. As far as work goes I don't even know how I'll be able to get another job, I don't want to even talk to or see other people around, I just want to be on my own to try and deal with


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  • You need to prioritize your life. Some old friend who's an asshole and some old girlfriend who accepts what ever your friends tell her, should not be a priority.

    Chasing some girl, or even thinking about her still, is mental masterbation and just a distraction from your REAL priorities.

    That should be finding a way to live under a roof.

    Maybe this means crashing on a friends couch. Maybe this means find new work as fast as possible. Maybe this means selling anything you own but don't need to survive.

    Make your living arrangements your priority. There is NO TIME to sit around feeling sorry for yourself or worrying about chicks. That's only something a homeless person has time for.

    Your only job in this LIFE is to FIRST care for yourself. And that means shelter, food, clothing, sleep.

    It sounds like you don't have any friends who would let you crash on their couch, which makes me think that this is something you should work on once you're employed again. There's HUGE benefits to making and keeping good friends. And this means compromise and learning about how relationships work. So put a pin in that for the future.

    Right now ONLY FOCUS ON MAKING MORE MONEY and finding a cheap place to survive. Finding new work and a new place to live should be MORE important to you than breathing.

    Only then will you guarantee yourself success.

    Only taking action will lower your stress.

    Stop thinking about the past or your worries, and only focus on your priorities.

    Do it. You're worth it. Nobody else in this world is responsible for you. This is YOUR JOB!!!


    ~ Robby


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