Why can't I get over him?

I met this guy who is 37 and I'm 17. We were never really a thing but we did make out once and almost had sex. A week after that he start dating someone else (we were never dating). It has been three months since we stop talking and he moved away so I don't see him at work anymore, but I can't stop think about him. Every time he post something on Facebook I have to go and creep him. Is it weird that I can't get over him?


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  • You do consider the possibility of him facing statutory rape case. Don't you? Hey... Whatever happened, happened. From now on take responsibility for your own feelings. These intense feelings for him is just an infatuation. If you truly feel good about yourself, let him go.

    • Where I live the age of consent in 16, so he should be fine.

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    • I don't know he was just a nice guy and I miss what we had even if it just a silly texting thing that didn't last that long.

    • Don't sell yourself short. You should be able to choose who you go out with. And you're just Seventeen. You have a long long road ahead. Lol.

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  • The man was a potential pedophile. You better get over him. He's no good for you.


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  • Whoa, that guy is a paedophile! You dodged a bullet, girl! Getting over him should be the least of your concerns. Be thankful for what happened! :)

    • I don't think he is a paedophile, his girlfriend now is close to the same age as him and so were his past girlfriends.

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    • Thanks

    • You're most welcome. Stay happy, stay safe! :)

  • I don't know what to say, only you can control your emotions and feelings, nobody can do that for you. Just forget that he even exists


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