He seemed so honest and genuine, how could he change his mind so quickly?

My boyfriend was always so genuine. He'd take me on really nice dates, we'd have very romantic moments together, he told me that he loved me first. He always seemed to want to see me and spend time with me. I was his first girlfriend, and he really seemed into me. However we we're only 17 and one day we were really flirtatious. One thing led to another and we were doing pretty naughty things in the back of his car. Afterward we were both a little bit guilty about it...but not horrible. A few days later he tells me that he thinks we should go on group dates from now on and that we should see each other less. Then he started to ignore me a little and started to be mean...finally I asked him what was going on, and he said he wanted to just be friends. He broke up with me over Facebook. I don't understand how he could feel so strongly towards me and then change his mind within no longer than a few days. After both going through a perfect relationship together, how is it so easy for him to just let me go? I thought he meant it when he said "I love you". Why would he just up and leave without a glance back? :( does anyone have an answer.? thanks


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  • Sounds like he only wanted one thing he was a lier apperantly


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