How to forget him?

I have had this Major crush on a Guy for like 5 years now, never really talked one on one, he stares, smiled sometimes, touches me when he Walks past me at parties

we aren't on the same school amymore so I have not seen him for a while, I really want to forget about him cuz if after al these years nothing happened, than in the future were we don't see eachother there Will definetely happen nothing

i tried to not think about him, tried to like other guys, but it just doesn't work, I have been trying to forget about him for really long now, but it just doesn't Work, I think it's because I still don't know ether he likes me/ has a crush on me, and I'm really curious to know

do you have tips about forgetting him and moving on?


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  • You should just fall in love with someone else. I fit doesn't work, maybe its just meant to be. Just because you're in different schools doesn't mean that you can't see each other.


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