Girls, Mistry? Please advise?

I am a guy was in a relationship for 3years we had ups and downs but I always made sure things are fine at the end resent let I had to go to a diff country for work and that made her feel so bad when I told her and finally I reached aus 2minygs back and everything was fine even after that she even called and cried that she is missing me and don't know how she is gonna be without me till I get back one day I called her when she was at work but she was busy and I called my other friend who is working with her and I did even ask anything to ma friend about my girl I just spoke and disconnected my call but to my surprise after I disconnected my call I found that my girlfriend blocked me on what's app I called and asked her and she is like u called that person to check on me but that was not my intention she unblocked me but she was still angry when I tried to apologise for what happend she over reacted and blocked me again but still we were in contact we use to talk almost normally but I felt that something is different and in between one of her friend texted me that she is dating someone using u don't be a fool bla bla bla I told her friend she is not like that I know my girl but she kept talking about my girl even if I didn't ask anything so I told my girlfriend this is what is happening and I even said if u have anything like this speak to me and we will move on but my girlfriend said there is nothing like that and she even congresses the call with her friend and cleared this issue but she said give me sometime I need to forget these things and I will be normal and again she surprised me by changing her number and she didn't even bother to tell me what happen I have no way of contacting her I send so many emails but no response and I don't know what to do or what the hell happened any advice on how to move on and make things working will be good thanks in advance


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  • If she is supposed to be ur girlfriend but she is blocking you then that kinda means she might be done in a way? I'd talk to her and tell her you need to know so you can move on ask for the truth and tell het if she's seeing someone to tell you.

    • I can't call and talk to her coz she changed the no and she is not even responding to my emails
      Just don't know what to do

  • Just a tip: run on sentences cause headaches. And spellcheck is your friend.

    Your question is hard to understand.

    • I get what you are saying but it's not ma fault that this stupid phone dose it all the time

      This is what the gist of ma story we both were fine until she thought I am checking on her which I didn't do in any case and more over when her friend kept saying things about her to me I directly asked her if she likes someone and she said no but she added that she need sometime when I thought things are gonna be fine che just vanished in thin air without even saying anything and she changed her number too so no way of contacting her that's all about it

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