Guys, HELP!!! Why is my ex okay with us acting like a couple when we're together but yet doesn't want to be a full official couple?

When were together we hug, kiss, hold hands, cuddle, and have sleepovers. Talk about things just like a normal couple would.
He just won't make us official.
I don't get it, why?
Guys help!!!
Guys comment!!!


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  • Maybe he just wants the benefits of a relationship (intimacy like cuddling, kissing, sex maybe?) without fully committing to you, so that he can be the same with other girls. Just a thought...

    • But it's not like he does that then leave's, we spend time together too

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    • I'm sorry, I don't know what else to suggest. Perhaps it would be a good idea to seek advice from another girl...

    • We'll I figured guys know how guys think

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