Do I still have a chance with my ex-boyfriend of 5 years? Is he just using me for emotional support and never intends to get back together?

I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years about 6 months ago. However, we have remained in contact via text and a couple phone calls since then. Sometimes he initiates it, and sometimes I do. It is always like old times when we talk, though when we first started talking he did friend zone me a few times. I broke up with him at a time when I was in a stressful situation which increased my depression severely and put a lot of strain on the relationship. After the break up I finally got the courage to see a mental health professional and have improved greatly since then.

However, every time my ex contacts me it makes me sad about the loss of the relationship. So, I realized I still had feelings for him and couldn't stand to be in the gray area anymore. After all it's hard to delete 5 years from your memory. So I suggested we get coffee or lunch via text and haven't heard back after 1 day. What does this mean? Do I still have a chance?

I figured by asking him out I would either find out via meeting him in person or he would never contact me again and I could move on with my life instead of being in limbo. I feel like he may be just using me for emotional support when we talk, with no intention of ever wanting to get back together. What do you think? If he's not interested why would he keep talking to me like old times?


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  • This isn't a good idea. You've started making self help improvements and pursuing this will set you back. The reasons for the breakup are still there

    • Thanks. I think you're probably right. He actually texted me back today with a "maybe" to my coffee/lunch offeer. To me maybe is a nice way of saying no. I think from here on out I will just not text him anymore and move on with my life.

    • That's the best thing

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