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I caught my bofriend cheating on me, while I was diagnosed with a brain malformation (with neurological symptoms) . I've been with him for two years and we've been really serious. It really saddens me and I dont know what to do. He's told me it was a mistake and that he truly does love me and he will do anything in his power to keep me happy if I stay with him. How could someone who loves you, hurt you in that way? Although I forgave him, I don't know whether to continue to pursue a relationship with him and hope that nothing like this happens again, or should I leave him and start over. Its hard because I've been with him for so long and I openned up to him, something I've never done with anyone before. He says its was only this one time, but I fear he may have done this before and just hid it from me.


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  • "How could someone who loves you, hurt you in that way?" That there doesn't sound like forgiveness. You don't need to forgive him by the way.


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