How do I deal with my ex? He's driving me crazy!

He broke up with me and became the biggest jerk to me. I still can't believe some of the things he says to me.

He goes around telling everyone I always told him what to do and I'm controlling, but then he tells me to shut up, get over it, that he doesn't need to hear my voice, if I don't agree with him on something. he's told me I'm not allowed to talk about anything but our son if I tell him something interesting, but he's always asking me about my life like who's in the room with me,my schedule,and he's allowed to make jokes and only then is he okay with talking.

I can't get rid of him because we have a son together, but I don't think I can take this for the rest of my life. We'll be good for a while then all of a sudden he snaps and is mean to me. I just can't handle the up and down feelings, and he makes me feel so terrible that I cry. Please give me some advice?

I tried talking to him, but I broke down and said I couldn't take it anymore & asked what I'm doing to make him suddenly mad at me.he said that it wasn't random and that if I wanted him to start respecting me I need to start respecting him.
i asked hw I wasn't & he said I needed 2 figure it out on my own. I started crying because I'm sick of it, and he told me to stop crying, and then when I tried talking he told me "I'm not finished!"he keeps saying I'm the controlling one but he is.


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  • Kind of opposite of mine. I was the best thing in the world to my ex girlfriend for the longest time and she wanted me/loved me so greatly it seemed. She experienced a social maturation and became very physically attractive and suddenly is too good for me. Her friends influenced her decision as well I feel. She did the same thing to me- "shut up" and would even yell at me for being a nice guy!? It was just anything and everything she could be critical of, she was. I am looking for an explanation of her actions myself! It's so frustrating. Just be unavailable to him.. Make time with your son and ignore him the rest of the time.. it will work.

    • Thats crazy! my ex is influences by his friends too, he will tell me he has to"think about it" all the time for everything but he goes and asks his friends what he should do. its so annoying.


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  • i know exactly how you feel but what you need to do is get him to respect you more?

    • How do I do that?ive tried doing evrything he says and he still mean to me but the minute I stand my ground on something he calsl me names and says I'm controlling?

    • Having a child is about give and take so no matter what he says you need to stand your ground sometimes.?

    • I'm in a similar situation with my ex so I think I can help you.

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  • You as the mother to his child need to demand respect from him. You personally need to think what would be best for you as well as your child. Do you really want your child to be around this guy who clearly has no respect for you? If he is clearly not giving you any respect what makes you think that he will give respect for his son?

    • Ur right. he never did respect our son and we would alwasys argue beaue of the way he treated our son. he is curretnly ordeered only 2 supervised visits.

      but there's nothing I can do.

  • tell him he can't take the frustration out on you. he most likely still has feelings for you but he's expressing it in anger because you guys' relationship is over.

    • The only thing is he left me and I had even asked him to attend couples counsleing and his parents wanted to pay for it. his parents asked him again 7 months into the breakup if he would come back to us and he still asid no so I don't think he has feelings for me.

  • dont put up with him. I know you kinda have to since you have a son, but don't engage him too much unless its about your son. the guy sounds like a jerk with little respect for u. don't take his asshole-ness personally its not a reflection of u. stand up for yourself when need be. if he is out of line with you put him back in his place. if he tries to make a joke just be civil but curt with him you guys aren't friends and he doesn't respect u. just try to limit your conversation to just about ur son


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