Purely a (kinda) long text conversation. Calling on experienced people to help me?

Purely a (kinda) long text conversation. Calling on experienced people to help me?

So yeah, conversation with ex. He is grey, I am blue. I'm just not sure how to take the conversation and I'm a little confused? Please help me, tell me what you're opinion is?

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  • I think its hard for him and you to separate yourselves from thinking of the past because you guys had history and a relationship that you can't think of each other just friends. And that you both don't really want other people , because feelings are still there. So he's just trying to kinda make you feel bad about "waiting till someone else comes along" kind of guilt if you do.

    • Thank you for answering :). Yeah I'm not sure if we're at the stage of thinking of each other as 'just friends' quite yet as you say. I know that I don't want anybody... I've not been sure really if he does or not yet. Why would he try to guilt trip me? He's did this a few times :S

    • Well because he doesn't want you to be withs someone else.. really. Its tough to really move on from an ex when you still keep them in contact and or until you meet someone else.

    • I thought when he was saying about me to remember him until I meet someone new that he purely just wanted me to 'remember' him as a means of getting by. I thought he was encouraging me to move on. And yeah, it sure is hard to move on. Being in contact makes me not want to move on so much :/

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  • He has a nonchalant attitude that he could care less one way or another if there is even a sexual contact. He feels that even sexting is a problem and if there is going to be sex, keep still in between the sheets, he wants a no Drama Queen Drama in his life, no strife. He wants it simple and if it is going to be a problem, then better off not even texting or sexting. He doesn't want to hurt you, he wants no strings attached. He didn't know this was all going to turn into a big deal.
    Good luck. x

    • Ok thank you. So what I gather really is that he just doesn't care much either way. I won't be doing no strings attached. I just don't get why if he's so horny that he won't just find a new girl to have sex with? That puzzles me. Also, thanks for answering :)

    • So welcome, and as far as the sex goes and flows, he sounds laid back in everything he says and does. xxoo

  • I don't think he likes you! I wouldn't suggest it even if he did! I think you should just move away! Find another guy!