How can you tell if your boyfriend is cheating?

OK...i knew my boyfriend since 2008. We were friends since that time period. He use to call me everyday but recently he's been slacking off and also he makes jokes of him seeing someone else more then once. An he even gave a scenario on his Facebook that lead me to think so also: "OK this is what happened a man shows up in his office after a long board meeting with the CEO & mangers of his company, and finds his secretary on his desk, with her cloths off. it is late at night, and his wife calls him to find-out when he will be coming home so he tells his wife that he can't come home tonight, because...use there is something on his desk that needs his attention. so now my question is did he lie ?"... What do you guys I blowing this out of proportion or is he cheating on me? Oh an it seems that I have to ask him to hang out with me ...he no longer ask me. I'm busy and he knows that ...but he's not ...he;s just a full time student and I'm a full time student with two jobs. oh an he told me that he loved me first.


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  • Oh you didn't get any answers there, sorry about that.

    I would be concerned as well, but its not enough evidence. I would suggest you talking to him about this thing he posted and ask him if you re the wife in this scenario.

    If he acts confused or worried or perhaps starts laughing for no reason then Yes most probably he is. But if he denies it without thinking and get p*ssed maybe he isn't actually cheating. eitherway look for answers and hints.


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