Moving On?

Would it be alright for me to go on a date with a guy while I still have feelings for my ex? He's really nice and sweet but he's older than me (not by much). I think I kinda like him but I'm still so very confused. My ex was the one to break it up saying he needed time to think which is bull. He flirts with my friends (in front of me!) and he even asked one of them out but she only likes him as a friend. I don't know why but I still love him and hate him at the same time, I just can't seem to move on. What should I do? It doesn't help that I see him everyday. So would going on a date with my guy friend be OK while I still have feelings for him? I don't know what to do! help?..
Thanks for the advice:)


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  • woman, move on for christ sake.

    you want reasons? her are some just to top it off:

    1-he dumped you with a BS reason which YOU know it was bull

    2-he flirts with your friends IN FRONT OF YOU

    3-he asked YOUR friend out

    and just as a cherry on top, he's ignorant towards you. Us human beings love to chase the ones who run away from us. it's masuchism. we love to hurt ourself.

    sorry for being blunt, but forgive and forget. Move on. you have a life ahead of you. don't let one douche bag get in the way of all the beautiful possibilities you have in your path.

    go on dates, forget him, appreciate your own time and don't waste a minute of it even thinking about him. leave him where he belongs, The Past! your memories...

    that's all he can get from You!

  • Go on your dare girl and have a good time because even tho you have feeling for him he is moving on and so should you..


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