My ex slept with me and is now telling him girlfriend that I am lying?

My ex and I were still sleeping together for 6 months after we split. We ended it about 8 weeks ago as he'd started seeing another girl. I cut off all contact and was feeling much better and kind of starting to feel over it.

Last Friday night, he showed up at my door drunk and crying that he'd made a mistake and that he's leaving the new girl. So stupidly I let him in and slept with him. Then the next day he said it was a mistake and he meant what he said but still doesn't want back with me. So there I was heartbroken and back at square one.

So a couple of nights later, I was drunk and messaged the new girl about what had happened and what he had said. She wanted proof that I didn't have. He then messaged me and said look will you stop messaging her about our past, I said by past you mean us sleeping together last friday? He replied, we never had sex last Friday, i was out with my friends.

I'm gobsmacked, I never thought he was a liar. So now she thinks I'm just some crazy nutter ex making up stories. I feel so so depressed about this whole thing and like an idiot, I thought he cared.

I messaged him back telling him that if he sees me out or in the street not to even say hi, that I don't know who he is anymore. He just replied that he is sorry that things worked out the way they did and said he is 100% sure I'll be better than fine and do well for myself.

Do I just leave it at that? I am heartbroken, he's making me out to be a liar but I have no proof. I also feel guilty and being so nasty to him in my last message which is crazy because he's the one in the wrong, he's the one lying. He's happy with her whilst I'm picking up the pieces and heartbroken again when I was fixed. I hate this.


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  • He won't be happy long young Lady I assure you of that , the seed of doubt was planted in the new girl thoughts. She will figure this out on her own. He may be getting by with it now but Karma is a cold hearted b! t@h that does not forget and does not forgive


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  • As much as you 'Hate this,' I can tell you, as wise as an owl that I am, I "Hate" this sticky situation that you sadly got your poor vulnerable part in. Time to put this to bed and get it in Your own Head... You Can do well for yourself, he is right.
    Stay clear, dear, and move on. It is always going to end up to be a Full circle problem pattern of "He said, She said," and I feel as well, he is a loser in love, no matter how you slice his not so sweet cake.
    Don't Involve yourself in any more of Pushing a button on your end. You don't need the Drama Queen Redrick with this guy.. Start off the New Year off right by Taking him off of your contact list.
    Good luck and Happy Holidays. xx


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  • What an ass. To be honest, you don't have control over this. I would just say to the girl that there's nothing in it for you to tell her that, say you're sorry that she doesn't believe you, and walk away. If you try too hard to convince her she will think there's something in it for you. If you tell her like it is and walk away, she WILL think about it.

  • That sucks, but what can you do. See it as a lesson learned to not tamper with exes even if they seem vulnerable and in need of "help". Block and delete, try to move on again.

  • You slept with a guy who you knew had a girlfriend and you feel heartbroken? You had no respect for his relationship when you let him in. Lol you thought having sex with him would make him want you back? Also, some guys lie. Just because he tells you something does not mean it's true. He was just using you to get laid. He has a girlfriend so don't act like you had no part in this.

    And you were in the wrong to message his girlfriend. Did you think he was going to end his relationship because you told her that you fucked him. I'm sorry but it seems you lack self respect.

    I can't believe that you are surprised that he wants to to stop messaging his girlfriend. He is in a relationship and he does not want anything from you.

    Blaming it on being drunk is no excuse. Leave them alone

    • jeez thats harsh. Sure, she shouldn't have slept with an ex, but it was his choice to cheat on his girlfriend. He was not helpless. She was right to tell the girl what happened.

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    • @emmalove18 you should have never believed his words, did you think having sex with him would magically make him want a relationship again? I do not mean to sound harsh but im asking you honestly if that was your expectation, because you have to own up to your mistakes in this in order to move on. if you say you will never contact him again, forgive yourself and never contact him or the other girl again.

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