Hey Guys, have you ever cried over a girl or a break up? How many times have you done it Lol?

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  • You treat it like it's a joke. If you love somebody and you lose them it's like you parents dying or something. You keep imagining her with somebody else laughing about you and glad your gone and it makes you want to puke. It's all in your head obviously but it's hard. Your not human if you don't grieve and if you feel nothing then maybe you should stay single in future coz your no good to anybody


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  • I cried when my ex cheated on me. But it was more pissed off tears. I went outside and hit my boxing glove against a tree, I was sad for about a week then moved on to being single for 2 years

  • I'd feel unworthy of being a man if I ever did that. I did make my ex cry when I broke up, but she's a woman, so I expected it.

  • No, I have never cried over a woman!!. Why? because I have never had a woman in my life, I have always been single and I wish to remain single till death

  • Loads of times after breaking up with my ex. Not straight after breaking up, but later when thought about it or I saw breakups in movies etc and it reminded me of it sometimes I'd cry


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