Does she still have feelings for me?

We broke up 5 months ago. She wanted to remain friends but I have absolute no interest in it. She never initiates contact with me and I've not bothered about her anymore. She and I unfriended each other on facebook 4 times now. Last time it was her removing me then she sent another request. She looks at my Snapchat stories all the time. I don't bother with hers. She says that she never wants to get back together. But why all this? I'm not going to chase after her. She blocked her last ex and cut him off completely. But hasn't done it with me. She says she doesn't trust me. I ended things simply because I wasn't ready to be in a relationship. Does she still have feelings for me?


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  • Since she says she doesn't trust you, she's probably still doing all those things to see if you really meant that you weren't ready for a relationship. It's like she's following you on social media to confirm that you're not in a relationship. She wants to be sure, for whatever reason, that you're not out dating someone else (since you said you're not ready for a relationship)... But, I don't think it necessarily means that she still has feelings for you. She might have SOME lingering feelings, but in all, I don't think those lingering feelings mean she wants to get back with you.

    • It's been 5 months now. I'm ready for a relationship now. Be with or without her. I've been out on a couple of dates. But since these dates are new I've not posted anything on social media about it. Time moves forward and I'm not waiting about for her to make up her mind. She had trust issues before we got together. Something she readily admits. I've sorted my problems out. But the thing that got me was that she wanted to remain friends. Also the removal of each other on social media. I've not spoken to her in 2 months. She doesn't contact me nor I her.

    • I say to just keep doing your thing then. She has trust issues, as you said, so it seems like she just naturally has those "stalker-like" tendencies. If you're ready for a relationship now, don't let her lingering be an issue. IF she really did have any feelings left over, it's her fault for not making that clear; instead she insists that she never wants to get back together. If that's not what she means, then she's playing games with you, and you don't need that.

      Since you two haven't spoken in a couple months, just ignore whatever she's doing. It's safe to say that you two are not in each other's lives anymore, and have no reason to be. Since you said you're ready for a relationship, I say to just ignore whatever it is she's doing.

    • I had a gut feeling that's what she might be doing. Just wanted someone else's take on it. Her loss at the end of the day. She told me that I was the right guy for her but that she never wants to get back together.

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  • I don't think she has any feelings for you as such, you were right to stop caring about her, so let it be that way. Don't think about her. Your decision is right so just follow it.


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