Why is my ex acting like this?

About a week ago my ex randomly showed up at my house. At one point she let me know that she did start to miss me, but then talk to her friends and wrote a list on why we should not be together. Now last week and I hung out with a mutual friend of ours and no one asked her to hang out. She has seem to got upset about it and deleted me off of social media..

we we where fine being friend up to this point. Why is she acting like this? Is she interested in more than being friend but doesn't want to say it?

Thank you.


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  • Well for starts she sounds incredibly immature... writing a list on why you should not be together and to tell you this? How old is she even? But anyway, my guess is that she has no idea what she wants and her immaturity is showing through the process. She sounds like a child who gets angry when she doesn't get what she wants.

    • yes!! This is how I feel. I have accepted and started to move on then she acts like this. She is 21 by the way.

  • She is crushing on you

    • I mean I feel like she is, but why isn't she being straight about it if she is?

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    • I will. I am just letting her have some more time. We hunt not spoke to much in the last few weeks. She text last night saying she has my stocking. I don't know why she got me a "stocking"

    • Okay

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