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Basically me and my girlfriend had broke up about a week ago. We've met since then and acted like we usually would if we were together. We met today and everything was fine, 2 hours after she told me she was going to sleep but always puts she loves me, she never this time, something was up. I asked her what's wrong and she told me nothing, I asked her to promise and she said "I promise it's not you" and then she told me what was wrong about being emotional at Christmas because her uncle had passed away this time. I didn't really know what to say apart from "ohh I'm sorry to hear that". She then began to accuse me of not caring about her and even told me she's wasted my time with trying to get back with me because she could've found someone who really cares about her, at this point I was extremely hurt. I told her this and she said something like "you're not my man anymore either" threatening to block me. I tell her she can block me if she wishes and she told me she never wants to hear from me again and we've not spoke since
Oh I forgot to mention she mentioned we were getting back soon about an hour before this kicked off


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  • It's the holiday season and I see her Reason... She then began to accuse me of not caring about her...
    before the Blocking becomes More of a Big deal over this Ordeal, Contact her by perhaps even going to see her. On top of her Uncle passing, which is most upsetting, especially around Christmas, she expected to hear, dear, more sympathy and comfort on your own End, even if it was to be a Friend.
    It is a bad misunderstanding and I also feel it can be easily fixed with some compassion. Make it right This... Holy Night.
    Good luck and blessing for the holidays. xx

  • You two need space and lots of it. You can't break up and then still act like you are together. At some point things will get messy and right now it did. It's because you are both in a awkward place that you shouldn't have been in the first place. Never break up unless you both want it to really be over.

    I'd suggest you don't talk to her for a while and giver her time and space. You really need it too because you did seem to overreact as well during the conversation which leads me to think you are emotional as well and you cannot fix things when you are emotional.


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