How will he understand?!

My now ex boyfriend broke up with me in a way that was not the best. He said the whole "we can still be friends" thing and I said "No!" because I was just so hurt and angry. Well also, I just need time with him completely out of my life for me to get over him. He is so mad though! How can I get him to understand why I just can't be friends with him, at least not yet...


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  • Ignore him show him that you do need to take your time to get well soon again.

    • Okay. thank ya'll for your answers. I just don't want him to think I hate him or anything, or for him to still be angry about it, maybe he just needs time to cool off too?!

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    • Thank you!(:

    • Your welcome :)

  • What reason does he have to be mad at you? You can try to reason with him but it may not work out for the best. He just needs to realize he hurt you, and you need your time away from him!

    I agree with girl89, ignore him, avoid contact if possible & get on with your life!


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