What is the right thing to do?

My boyfriend and I broke up recently (again). This is the second time we have broken up. We break up mostly because he cannot handle being stressed out; he becomes like The Hulk when he does get stressed out or bogged down by the relationship or when things don't go his way.

It was a dramatic break up: he screamed at me and sped off from his car after dropping me off. I tried to apologize and calm him down, and said, "We don't have to break up today. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

He said, "@/?$*#%#€?" He punched the wall a couple times. He also said a bunch of other mean things to me that I know he only said because he was so angry. I have never more scared in my life of man than I was that day.

Since then, I changed my phone number, and I blocked him from all of my social media profiles.

Except for email.

He has been messaging me and has even offered a gift to myself and my brother. He said, "The gift is to make you and your brother happy, but I don't want to see you in person." Weird. He sent a bunch of other emails about how sorry he is, and that he cares deeply for me and wants me to be happy.

I did not respond.

I am so embarrassed that he lashed out like that, yelled in the street, and punched things.

The gift seemed like a kind gesture, but I don't want it. His sister also keeps tabs of me on Facebook, and I don't want to un-friend her, but I also want to avoid any drama with her. She is, after all, his sister.

Was not responding to his messages the right thing to do? Should I "un-friend" his sister on Facebook?


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  • This guy has serious temper issues. So yeah, you did the right thing by not responding to his messages. He needs to sort out his anger issues, before he can even date again. And his issues are NOT something you need to put up with, on a regular basis. Has he even sought help for this? I think he hasn't.

    • One of the reasons we got back together is because he said he was going to set aside some time for therapy.

      He never did.

      This time he's telling me that he already set up some time with a therapist in the next few days. I don't believe him.

    • He's probably lying to get back with you. It's a lost cause, so better not associate with him anymore.

  • You don't have to respond , but he is your ex you can tell him anything you want , maby you don't really want to lead him on I can see that , but maby straight honesty is something he needs to hear from you

    • Nah. He already thinks I'm a door mat. Why should I put his feelings above my own when he is very willing to hurt my feelings without any hesitation. I say, let him be.

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