What does he mean?

So my ex broke up 2 and a half months ago. We have kept in contact and i was still sleeping with him up untill 3 weeks ago. He kept saying cute things and calling me a nickname he used to call me. I told him that i still loved him and that im so confused about us and what we are doing. He said he still loves me but he is lost. I told him that i felt lost in life too and i hope that we could find each other together and he said he hopes for that too. What does he mean?
My head hurts, my heart hurts


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  • sorry for what you've been through. let the emotion out of this and be honest with yourself. If you want to know the sincerity of your ex, stop sleeping with him and give some space to each other and wait. what's inside him will reflect on his behavior, then you'll know if he just a liar or honest.
    in this relationship there's no difference between the colors of the salt and sugar, you'll know the difference after the experiment.

    Good luck...

    • So i went to his house for Christmas eve and we talked and he put his arm around me when we were sitting together and he kissed me goodbye. I'm confused a bit about it but not trying to read too much into it

    • I'm sorry, but you're just a backup plan in this guy life. If he really loves you, he'll KNOW your worth from day one and will (never leave) you for something better.
      you've to be honest with yourself (especially after broke up), to know your feelings toward yourself.

      you need to stop chasing the wrong things in your life, and start looking for things that will make you happy (No confusing, No pain, No looking back at things may bring misery).
      just take a step back to see things clearly, and surround yourself with a positive choices and give yourself time and space to know what do you want, not what others want.

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  • well, why did you guys break up? it sounds like you both want to get back together.

    • He slept with someone else

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