The last couple of times that I have texted him he hasn't texted me back and no longer seems interested in any way

okay so I didn't know this guy that goes to school with me (I'm friends with his friends) but I thought he was cute and got his number. we texted back and forth for a few days, he said I was good looking, and every time I saw him in the hall he would look at me ( and in large groups he would find me). Now, the last couple of times that I have texted him he hasn't texted me back and no longer seems interested in any way, except the fact that he will still look at me every time he sees me. does anyone have any clue on what may be going on? guys if you ignore a girl when she's texting you could you still be interested or no?

people that know him told me he doesn't seem to like to text a lot, he is shy & laid back. I talk to his friends& they like me. just last night I gave him & his friend a ride to his friends house his friend talked the whole ride.. all he said was thanks


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  • If he has dropped communications with you it's for a reason. It could be that he no longer has any interest in talking with you.

  • Guys tend to have mood swings. This guy seems to be no exception. What I think you should do is try to make him jealous. Talk to other guys when he's looking. Perhaps let him know that you like another guy or your dating one. Anything that you know could push his buttons--do it! If he seems to be annoyed by this he definitely likes you. If this happens, approach him, casually ask him what has he been up to and if he asks about the guys you've been talking to say 'you had your eye on something better--which didn't turn out to be so great.' He will know that by this you meant him.

    But consider this, if this guy doesn't care about your feelings and just left high and dry maybe he's not really what you're looking for. Remember looks can be deceiving.

    Good luck :)

    • Thank you very much!

    • Oh no do not try and make him jealous! he will figure it out. that you are trying to do that. then he will go behind your back and make out with one of your firends. ok well he might not but that is what happened to my friend. she tried to make a guy jealous so he would like her. he ended up makin out with her friend behind her back. her friend didn't try to stop it. just saying from elseones experience that that is a bad idea. sorry

    • Ok, so maybe the jealous thing wasn't SUCH a good idea. But you have to admit these types of guys don't deserve to be treated so nice. Like I said b4 that he left you high and dry and just dropped communication with you for no apparent reason is kinda cold. I say take out the ammo!

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