Is it okay to send a message to an ex a few days after a break up to try and clear things up?

Okay so facts:
-dating for 2 months
-were officially exclusive as bf/gf
-before the break up he was acting really distant and he even started deleting photos of us on Facebook
-we had sex before he started acting distant
-he deleted another photo of us and I pretty much had it because I was really good to him and never fought so I asked him the question "do you still want to be with me". BUT I did ask in the wrong time in heat of the moment because I was angry and he was having a reunion with family he hasn't seen in a long time because he's in the military
-he avoided answering the question "do you still want to be with me" so much that I got fed up and I broke up with him
-I asked him that question "do you want to be with me" the day he saw his family after so long and 2 days after I asked him again and he still avoided it and told me "I just don't feel like dealing with this, I mean I shouldn't. I'm trying to enjoy my family. You make the call"... so I did.
-deleted some photos of us on FB but not all.
-deleted all photos on IG but the weird thing is he added "πŸ”“πŸ”“πŸ˜•" on his bio.

It seems like all the signs says he isn't into me anymore but why would he put "πŸ”“πŸ”“πŸ˜•"? I'm assuming since we just broke up a couple of days ago, so of course he hasn't fallen for a new girl, but what if he fell for an ex? Does this mean he Is sad he's single? Does he want me back? Why would he put that? And lastly, which brings me back to my initial question: Should I find out what he wants and tell him how I feel?


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  • If he was the one to break up with you, let him come to you, vice versa

    • I broke it off with him because he was showing the signs of disinterest. It felt really obvious he wanted to break up with me so i tried to give him the opportunity to so many times, but he's always given vague answers or gotten mad, so we've only really fought about it like 3x. Every time would be the same result so I just didn't like how that played out and I dumped him as favor to both of us, cuz I didn't wanna waste anyone's time, but I still really want him if he showed me he was certain that he wanted to get

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    • Anyway, you can go to him if ou want, but honestly, is it really worth it. I can't answer that for you, he wasn't my "boyfriend"

    • also, should I text him? I mean, some people never get closure, I just don't wanna be one of those people that never get to know why he started to act the way he did out of nowhere.

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