Ex girlfriend who has changed so much and for the worst fucked me around just want to know peoples opinion's?

my ex girlfriend fucked me around in a lot of different ways when we were together and even when we broke up. she has treated me in a way that i thought she never would and all i have done is been there for her whenever she has needed me even when i knew i was just getting used and she needed someone to lean on i was there for her after everything she did to me i was still there trying to make it work and make her happy. a couple of weeks back just as i was slowly getting over her she rocked up at my doorstep saying that her new boyfriend of hers is fucked and treats her like she and she isn't happy with him. once again i took her back even when i knew i shouldn't off i listened to it all and took her back in. just recently though after all has happened she decides to call me up and tell me she's gonna stick with him after all even after she told me she still loves me and that she wants to be with me and she was still sleeping with me she has decided to stay with him and that his a changed man now and he is good to her. i dont believe a word she saids and i know one day she'll come looking again what im finding hard though is how much she has changed and for the worst i was with her for 3 years before all this shit happened and it sucks... how has someone that was so good and innocent become so bad and maniupilative im moving on from her and im feeling better everyday but there are still times throughout the day that i wonder what she's up too and how she's going and i hate it because she is so bad now and i wish i could just forget about her but at the same time there is still a part of me that hopes she wakes up to herself and realise what she has lost and comes looking again because i just dont feel like who she is right now is truly her, i don't know it's just hard i never thought it has come to what it has come to if anyone can help with any advice on what i should do it would be much appriciated thank you...


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  • You are her back burner, always someone she knows she can come back to, I won't even suggest for you to be her friend, not unless you're sure you can be her friend and only her friend, it's good that you're trying to move on tho

    • nah i could never be friends with her to much has gone on between us and the person she is now i hate i think we're over for good even if she does come back wanting something i will be saying no to her

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    • Then what am I holding onto then why can't I just simply change and forget about her the way she has to me

    • Because she is important to you, you can't forget that and don't ever forget that, just make sure you remember she's not the same person anymore

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  • Your fault and I'm 100% sure you have never broked her heart I don't mean by cheating I mean you never stoped her from her wrongs and you was 100% supportive in everything she did

    • She has Said to me before that I have broke her heart but it was awhile ago, I don't know if I was supportive or not but the person she is today isn't because of me she's completely changed and I know we are never getting back together

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