Why did my ex boyfriend unblock me after five months?

So I was in a very emotional abusive relationship. I was completely in love with him. He dumped 5months ago and started dating women straight away. Since then I got with my current boyfriend 2month ago. I finally have strong feelings for my current boyfriend. He treats me right. I went on Facebook today to delete it due to my friends a me using Instagram more. I noticed on my wall I could see his posts, I clicked on it being curious.. to find he unblocked me. I had a snoop an he is still single. Why do I fe excited he has when I have no intentions of leaving my boyfriend. Also guys why do guys unblock there exs?


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  • You may not have completely moved on. And he probably unblocked you because his relationship didn't work out and he wanted access to you in case he decided to try and get with you again.


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  • He wants to keep an eye on you and what you have going on. It won't surprise me if he contacts you soon! I wouldn't fall for it, though!!


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