Basically I pestered my ex that much she blocked me if she loves me will she contact me?

I was happy with my ex for over 2yrs. I was an angry drunk and I got into nasty confrontations on about 3 occasions over the 2 years. The last time I was pretty mean, we had been on holiday and I flipped out I cldnt remember what I had done and she told me I was shocked! Anyway she was relatively fine for about 2 weeks after, until I went back to work. "I work away in the weekdays", she went on a trip with her friends. During this time I texted her as normal she was pretty cold and blunt, I know she was still angry I kept apologising and said I would arrange counselling for my anger issues (only happens when I drink) and I drink very rarely! This went on for about 2 months going to counselling and trying to win her back. She started to get nasty toward the end telling me I was obsessive but I suppose I was just confused and still had hope. Anyway to cut a long story short she dumped me and blocked me on pretty much everything. She said it was best for both of us. I had bought an engagement ring months back and was planning to propose over Christmas this year! I didn't tell her because I felt ashamed, jilted. I still think of her pretty much daily but stop myself from contacting her I know she needs time but more importantly i need the time to heal. I'm just wondering obviously I know she doesn't want anything right now and no contact is just something I have to do but will she ever contact me seen as she referred to me as the love of her life, soulmate and desperately pesterd me for marriage? Thanks L


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  • Dont hold your breath. Just move on with your life and try to grow up.

  • Wow what an issue


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