No one will ever love me?

I am so heartbroken. I was truly able to open my heart to someone, but he rejected me. Thank god he didn't use me.
I didn't even like this guy at first... but slowly I developed feelings.

No one will never, ever be able to love me...
I am and will always be all alone.


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  • That is totally not true. Rejection is part of life and changing depending on how it hits you is very important! I got used last semester by this girl who I sent soo many answers to homework and classwork and stuff so she could benefit (I should not have!) The last day of the semester she told me she had a boyfriend lol! Made me sad for like three weeks from it. You just have to learn to drop your feelings for that person and look for someone new!

    • It is far from the first time I have been rejected.
      by the way, I have tried to move on... it is really hard. I have gone on 2 dates with this hot, smart guy, but I feel nothing.
      I hope I will get over soon. It has been 2,5 weeks since rejection.

    • I takes some time for you to move on. Everyone's heart is slower than their mind in moving on from relationships! 😂

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  • I can relate and learned from it. you should too, let time heal the wounds inflicted on your soul and retina. But let your heart speak if it must and emotional distress go if you will.

    • It's just so hard. You know, when you feel that "this time it is different". I have been heartbroken about few SUPERFICIAL guys/feelings, but I feel that this was real...
      But maybe it wasn't. Maybe it was just as superficial fling as all the others. I mean... he actually didn't treat me as I deserve to be treated. He was a f***ing asshole with me...
      But that makes me feel like I'm worth nothing.
      I guess that yeah... I need to take time just for myself with no distractions.

    • Only if you learn to love yourself first in a respectful manner, you'll be able to find the one your looking for. And trust me, that when i say you are worth dying for, you are.
      Every living being is unique, and so are you. Inside and out.

  • Love is a struggle, but life is a war.

    You'll find love, but first you need to win.

  • Sorry that happened to you.. You can't predict the future though.. Just because it didn't work with that guy doesn't mean it won't work with others in the future.

  • Well I know I don't like you.

  • The girl I love left me. She told me nothing before she left me.

    • Nothing at all?
      That sucks :(

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    • She deleted her GaG account, though. So, I deleted mine after her, too. We can just email each other. I gave her my cell phone number and home address. I gave her my new GaG account. I told her to contact me if she decides she still wants me, but I guess she doesn't. So, I'm trying to move on. I don't want to force her to do anything, but I wish she would just tell me if she wants me to wait for her or if she moved on.

    • Thank you. You're very kind. :D

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