He chose to go back with his toxic ex, will he ever apologize for hurting me?

Obviously the guy I was with chose to go back to his ex because they have a child together and he wants to make it work with her. She cheated on him multiple times. What makes him think she's going to change? I did nothing to him but tried to love him but he used me as a rebound. He told me he loved me, met my family and everything. He kept silent for a couple of days and I had to find out through his ex since she found my number in his phone and called me. His ex told me he came back to her crying. I don't think he would have ever think I would find out his lies and deceptive ways. Do men ever have a guilty conscious? Do you think he would ever realize his mistake of ever going back to his toxic ex? Does he realize that he lost a good thing which is me? I took our relationship serious. I thought he was the one. I thought he was over his ex. He told me he would never go back to her because of all she did to him. How do you think he feels right now? I told his mother and she was so shocked. She doesn't like his ex at all, nobody in his family does. Will he ever come to his senses and apologize to me? Is he in fear that he screwed up? How could he be in love with her when she did him wrong? They had a child together but I see a cycle and I see her screwing him over again. I would NEVER accept him back but for him to apologize and admit he was wrong would be our real closure. What do you think?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes some of us do experience guilt. He might but I doubt he'll ever tell you. Nor do I think he'll apologize. I'm sorry especially being this time of year


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  • People are only loyal to their needs and once their needs change so do their loyalties. He obviously only had his best interests at heart and disregarded your feelings. Apologising and feeling guilty won't bring you closure, because after what's he done how could you possibly know he was being sincere.

    Just learn a lesson from from it.


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