Thinking about this situation is driving me up the wall! Help?

I met this amazing guy a few months ago and we have been hanging out 'hardcore' ever since. I'm really into him as he is into me, sometimes I pick up the phone to call him and he rings me!

Things were sailing smoothly between us. However recently he has made a point to tell me he isn't ready for a relationship and I said no-one is forcing you into a relationship we are still getting to know each other?!

Now I get the feeling he is trying to slow things down between us...Not end it completely but slow down. The reason he is deciding to move sideways? He has a son with his ex - girlfriend. They have been apart for about a 1year

Recently he told me his ex is trying to get back with him but they don't get on in a relationship. He says he didn't think he would meet anyone so soon and he is scared of hurting her feelings and wants to maintain a good relationship with her.

But what about how I feel?

I understand he loves her in a special bond type of way...That's the mother of his child I get it I really do, but why must my chance of happiness be put on hold?

What I want to know is how do I tell him I'm interested in a relationship without pressure but also to let him know I refuse to wait in vain. All I want is for him to tell her he is ready to move on. Isn't it better he does it now rather than later?

At 23 I feel like I shouldn't be stressing about complicated relationships like this. I get deep headaches just thinking about him and this situation from when I wake up til when I sleep again... And I'm not even sleeping properly. And then he calls and I hear his voice or I see him and we can't stop smiling at each other and I feel better...Help I can't remain in this limbo!


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  • Why do people worry about these things so much. The world would be a much easier place to live in if everyone just came right out and said what was on their minds. You will end up making yourself sick by not getting a good noghts sleep and overly worrying about this.

    You have just conveyed to everyone on here how you feel and you have done so really well. Why can't you just converse with him in exactly the same way?

    At least he knows where he stands and you can either get the answer you have been looking for or start the long hard process of getting over him.

    I hope you get your man.

    Good Luck.


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