Girls, It's been a year, and I still love this girl I never been with?

(This is a long story)

It's been a year. She left me on November, and I never knew why? When she told me, I was totally ok with it, and had no issues until I realized what happened. She left me.

Then, I immediately started flirting with every single girl, and especially her friends. Also, every time I did it was fun and I didn't think of her at the time.

But everytime I go to sleep for a year straight, I see that girl I am trying to forget. She is the last girl I think about when I go to sleep. My head is aching just writing this.

I... I think I have a problem. I never talk to her, I never see her, I never even try to look at her, I ignore her, I give no signs of depression and sadness around her, I am totally normal. But all by myself, I lay in the tub with her in my mind, thinking what I did wrong?

I know my wrongs, all of them. They were incredibly reasonable, and I made mistakes. But my biggest mistake was letting her go to early.

I should have chased her, but I didn't. I was too ignorant and was convinced that I was heartless. Today, I am heartless because she has it with her. I walk with a beating sound in my chest, but no drum inside it. I am smiling, but really I am so done with love, I would choose $3 over a girl.

Its simply impossible to get over her. "There is plenty fish in the sea" or "Its ok, time heals all things" NO, this does not happen with LOVE. I am still in love with my one and only.

If she read this, I am sure she wouldn't care. She has all God has available for her. She will succeed and flourish and change the world one day. Have I mentioned she is literally the most beautiful girl ever? She is a doll.

If God forbid and give me the power to even see her face without flinching away from the pain, so be it. It's been too long. I would rather get shot, then experience this.

I am am starting to seem desperate, but never ever will show it. I am raised from a strong mother and heartless father, I am nothing like them when it comes to her. Oh, love.

Forgive me.


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  • This is beautiful

    • Sorry, but really. What should I do?

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