Guys, Help!!! Was this a date?

My ex asked me to come over then asked me to a movie then we went out for pizza. He paid for the movie and the pizza (if that matter's). He thanked me for going to the movie's with him just like he always did when we first started dating year's ago. She we spent some time at his place before the night was over.

Guys please comment!!!


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  • Its a mystery date. Enough of a date that if you're interested, it was a date, but deniable if you're not interested.

    • What? We'll can't you tell if he's interested or not?

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    • That's my guess.

    • We'll why would he just take me on one date and that's it?

      I wonder why he had a change of heart

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  • I don't know what the reason of breaking up and who started, but it seems that he's trying to act friendly and show some interest.

    • Act friendly? He been acting friendly. So it wasn't a date?

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    • unfortunately NO.

    • Then why did you just tell me you did?

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