My best friend cheated on her boyfriend. I don't what to do?

I went to my best friends house to stay over and she's got a boyfriend. We got high with a guy she and I from the hall. I went to sleep at 2am and at 7am I woke up and she wasn't there, so I went to the living room and they were KISSING. Now my best friend cheated on her boyfriend that I know very well and I dont know how to look at him anymore. So awkward... :(


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  • This responsibility does not lie on your back.
    It lies on hers to do the right thing.

    Imagine, if you did tell and she denied what you were saying.
    Your friend would not know who to believe.
    It's very possible, that he may even believe her over you.

    Then who is made to be the bad guy?

    Sometimes doing what is right, can get you into a deep hole.
    You have to weigh your options on this one, and go from there.
    Ask yourself, "Does the bad outweigh the good?"
    I say yes.

    More negative effects can come from you telling the truth than good.
    If you're willing to take that chance, then be out with the truth to your friend.


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  • i would tell the cheater that they need to come clean... if not i may have to tell the cheatee


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  • Start a rumor.

  • Tell her, i have no respect for sluts.


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